Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a clean up fee in addition to the rental charge? If so, how much is it? If not, who is responsible for clean up?

No, there is not a charge for clean up. But it is your responsibility to leave the facility as you found it.

Is there a deposit to secure the date?

There is a non- refundable deposit to secure the date. We currently only accept cash, checks and PayPal. The balance must be paid sixty (60) days prior to the event.

Is it possible to view the facilities?

Please call for a tour.  Appointments available Monday-Friday and weekend when there is not an event.

Are there any restrictions regarding Caterers?

No. As we have no in-house catering, we are happy for you to use the caterer of your choice. If you need assistance we do have a list of local companies.

Are there any items available on site (ie. Tents, tables, linens etc.)? Are these items included in the rental price?

We have limited items available on premise. Rental of all items including tents must be arranged by you unless you are on an all inclusive package. We have a list of very good vendors we have used and are familiar with the property.

Do you have any vendors you recommend?

We are happy to provide you with a list of vendors to meet your needs.

Is a full bar acceptable?

An open bar is allowed, but a permit may be required. For more information, go to

Is event planning included in the rental fee, or is there an additional charge for your assistance with the event?

For additional assistance, we are available to arrange all vendors and help coordinate the event for a minimal fee.

For further information, please see our Contact details.